The genre of still-life is very multifarious. And this multiformity is reflected in the works made by Sergey Thukhanov. Realistic still life is the artist’s favorite genre. The works made by Sergey Trukhanov are expressive and emotional. If you are interested in discussing the works or if you want to make a comment , than we are waiting for your letters.

The Dahilias. Oil on canvas. 50×60. 2005.

The Fall Mushroms. Oil on canvas. 40×80. 2013.

The Pomegranates and Flowers. Oil on canvas. 40×60. 2013.

The Bouquet of Lilacs. Oil on canvas. 70×80. 2013.

Yellow Asters. Oil on canvas. 50×40. 2012.

The Strawberry. Oil on canvas. 60×70. 2011.

Hunting Still Life with Capercailye. Oil on canvas. 90×90. 2006.

The Pink Peonies. Oil on canvas. 60×80. 2012.

Merry Christmas! Oil on canvas. 70×60. 2013.